2023 Sikh International Film Festival

2023 Sikh International Film Festival

Celebrate the rich Heritage, Traditions & Culture of Sikhs and the immigrant experience through a diverse mix of Documentaries, Shorts & Feature Films.



SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16 (11am-7:45pm)

at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City

(150 West 17th Street, New York, NY)


Event Schedule

A Q&A will follow each session.

Session I

  • Lions Rise: An Introduction
  • Desperately Seeking Sikh
  • Manpreet
  • The Invite
  • Karda Reh Ardas

Session II

  • Dr. Khem Singh Gill
  • Baywatana: Without a Country

Feature Session

  • American Sikh
  • Colonel Kalsi: Beyond the Call
  • Oneness in Diversity: Elixir of Guru Nanak & the Indic Saints


  • After Party hosted by DJ Kucha (7:45pm to Close)

Scheduled Films


Oneness in Diversity: Elixir of Guru Nanak and the Indic Saints

Oneness in Diversity: Elixir of Guru Nanak and the Indic Saints

DIRECTED BY Vininder Kaur AND Amardeep Singh

Spiritual beings enunciate the principles of peaceful coexistence. They build bridges of unity by overcoming the falseness of duality that is created by society. The bliss of universality can be experienced, when unity in diversity is embraced. The documentary, Oneness in Diversity: Elixir of Guru Nanak & the Indic Saints presents the concordance of Guru Nanak and Indic Saints of the Bhakti and Sufi movements, whose verses are enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib.

American Sikh

American Sikh


American Sikh tells the true story of an American-born, turban-wearing Sikh illustrator, writer, performance artist, diversity speaker and creator of Sikhtoons.com, Vishavjit Singh, who after a lifetime of facing prejudice, self-doubt and violence, finally finds acceptance in a superhero costume. Singh is publicly known for his Captain America persona — a turbaned and bearded Sikh — fighting against bigotry, intolerance and perceptions of what an American should look like post 9/11.”


Baywatana: Without a Country

Baywatana: Without a Country

A Film By High School Students, Mentored and Directed by Harbaldeep Singh 

Baywatana: Without a Country explores the experiences of these refugees as they flee persecution and struggle to rebuild their lives in a new country. Through a focus on the loss of freedom of religion and security, the film sheds light on the human cost of religious conflict and persecution.


Colonel Kalsi

Colonel Kalsi: Beyond the Call  

DIRECTED BY Anand Kamalakar and Geeta Gandbhir

Colonel Kalsi: Beyond the Call is a documentary film about an American Sikh army officer's struggle to serve his country with honor and dignity. Kamaljeet Kalsi always wanted to serve in the US army. His father had served in the Indian air force, and his grandfather in the British Army. As a son of an immigrant, he wanted to continue his family's tradition. He was willing to die for his adopted country. The one thing he was not willing to do, though, was to give up his religious identity.


Desperately Seeking Sikh

Desperately Seeking Sikh


Tensions run high during dinner as a couple is educated on Panjabi culture, language, and some of the principles of Sikhism by a Sikh guest.

This is a proof of concept/short film. 


Dr. Khem Singh Gill

Dr. Khem Singh Gill


This documentary highlights the life of a common village boy who became a scientist, engineering the change in food production of India known as the Green Revolution. Dr. Khem Singh Gill was an esteemed Indian scientist known for his significant contributions to the field of agricultural sciences, specifically in the area of plant breeding and genetics. His work played a pivotal role in enhancing agricultural productivity and food security in India.

The Invite

The Invite

DIRECTED BY Kelechi Nkemdilim & Ravi Guru Singh  

As his wedding day approaches, an Indian American man realizes his turban must be tied for his wedding and has to decide whether to invite his father be a part of the biggest day of his life.

Karda Reh Ardas

Karda Reh Ardas


In the heartlands of Punjab, Karda Reh Ardas unveils the gripping tale of Gursewak Singh, a humble truck driver from Ropar. Driven by dreams, he mortgages everything he owns to buy his own truck, unaware of the challenges awaiting him. This compelling narrative, inspired by a timeless folklore, delves into the depths of belief and faith. As Gursewak battles adversity, the film explores the enduring power of trust in the divine and the unyielding faith that keeps us tethered to the strength of our convictions. Karda Reh Ardas is an emotional odyssey that reminds us of the resilience of thes human spirit and the unwavering bond between mortals and the divine.

Lions Rise - An Introduction

Lions Rise: An Introduction

DIRECTED BY Gary Chatha; written by Gary Chatha and Manny Mahal

Lions Rise - An Introduction is an unreleased cinematic proof of concept/short film for a historical biopic series on Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Beginning in the late 1790s the film introduces the world of Punjab, its characters, obstacles, and events to come that would reshape the Indian subcontienent. Witness the journey of the young cub that came to be known as “Suraj de Akkh” and “Sher e Panjab.”



DIRECTED BY Amit Patel; Written by Harbinder Singh

A dynamic boisterous girl, "Manpreet" is struggling to express her feelings about her happiness to her traditional mother while feeling lonely & looking for her freedom against society's unwritten rules. She is helped by a close relative who understands not only her struggles, but her mother’s, and this relative helps bridge the gap to bring them closer.

Film list is subject to change without notice.