2015 Sikh International Film Festival

Sikh International Film Festival 2015




(25 W 52nd St, New York, NY)




Directed by Mozez Singh

Young Dilsher grew up in the heartland of Punjab. His father sang hymns in Gurdwaras, and Dilsher, who was deeply attached to his father followed in his footsteps. Music meant everything to them and for the young boy music and faith were intertwined. God was music and music was God. But when Dilsher’s father dies suddenly, the young, impressionable boy loses his way. He abandons his faith and the music dies.

By the time Dilsher is older, all he wants is to make it big, to become rich, to be someone. He moves to the throbbing metropolis of Delhi, where he becomes obsessed with the idea of entering the world of the mighty real estate tycoon, Gurcharan Sikand or Guru, also originally also from Punjab. Dilsher manipulates his way into Guru’s world and Guru recognizing Dilsher’s hunger and ambition, takes an instant fancy to him. But the closer Dilsher gets to achieving his dream of making it big, the more ensnared he gets in the twisted and violent world of the rich. It’s a world where everyone is a pawn and nothing is what it seems.

Meanwhile, Dilsher meets Amira, a beautiful and talented singer who is also battling her demons. But she heals her pain through music and as Dilsher and she come closer, she starts to evoke the long denied memory of music in him, making him realize that music is not just his calling, but also his balm. As the music gushes back into Dilsher’s life he understands that it is not money, but music that he was born to make. That music is not just his language, but it is also the language of the universe. Music is currency. And, so begins Dilsher’s catharsis.

But by now he is trapped in the web of manipulations and to get out, there is a heavy price to pay. Set against the backdrop of Sikhism and Music, Zubaan is a story about identity. It is the coming age journey of a young man from faithlessness to faith, from dark to light, from noise to music.



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