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Jay Singh-Sohal


Jay Singh-Sohal

Writer & Filmmaker

Jagjeet “Jay” Singh-Sohal is a writer and filmmaker, and a communications specialist with a unique background both in commercial broadcast and military media/info ops, holding the rank of Captain in the British Army Reserve.

A keen military history enthusiast, he has over the past seven years undertaken research, written books, made films and spoken regularly about British Sikh history and current affairs. In 2013 he founded the annual UK commemoration of “Saragarhi Day” while in 2014 Jay created and led a new charity which unveiled the UK’s first national WW1 Sikh Memorial. In 2017, he briefed HRH The Prince of Wales about Saragarhi and how it can inspire young people to undertake public service.

A confident broadcaster and public speaker, he has appeared on ITV and BBC as well as hosted events for the British Army, the Prince’s Trust, Ernst & Young and spoken at Goldman Sachs

A qualified journalist, Jay began his career in media early creating a community youth magazine in 2000, funded by the Princes Trust.  As a student, Jay wrote for his University publication and was awarded the NUS/Daily Mirror Diversity Award in 2003.  Jay continued his writing efforts in the USA - at college publications while studying in New York and Op-Ed pieces for organisations such as Fox News while working in Washington D.C.

His professional journalism career took off when selected for the prestigious ITV News Group Traineeship in 2006.  Jay was an ITV reporter (the first turbanned Sikh) at regional and national newsrooms.

Jay left ITV in 2009 to set up ‘Dot Hyphen Productions’ to make independent productions and corporate films.  He has since written, produced and presented factual and awareness films for various corporate organisations and public institutions.

His independent films reflect his passion for history and heritage – and  includes the “Sikhs At War” online series which is a free film resource for international audiences.  The successful “Turbanology” project developed from a documentary into an Arts Council exhibition and two books on Sikh identity. He has contributed to BBC films including “1984: A Sikh Story” in 2009 and “The Story of the Turban” in 2012. 

Jay then spent four years as a Producer at Sky News where he worked in a dynamic and busy international news environment, producing stories ranging from the Arab Uprisings in 2011 through to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.  He has outputed live television news from the gallery, making executive decisions and regularly delivering breaking news.

In 2015 he left television news to deploy on military operations in the Middle East. Thereafter he has worked as a Communications Director at a Westminster think tank, and now advises a range of clients as a communications consultant.