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October 22, 2012 | 6:00pm | McGraw-Hill Conference Center
1221 6th Avenue, 2nd Fl., New York, NY

Mr. Nissim Reuben
Program Director (Indian-Jewish American Relations), American Jewish Committee

Nissim B. Reuben currently works as a Program Director: Indian-Jewish American Relations, American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Washington, DC. Drawing on his unique personal background of being both Indian and Jewish and as part of his professional commitment and personal passion, Nissim travels around the country on behalf of AJC networking Indian and Jewish American students, community leaders, artists, doctors and business professionals. He has helped to coordinate two historic AJC co-sponsored India-Israel-US friendship receptions on Capitol Hill in July 2003 and November 2007 besides helping the Embassy of India celebrate Indian-Jewish style Hanukkah receptions at the Indian Ambassador's residence since 2002. The Israeli Ambassador, Senators, Representatives & over 400 guests attend the reception that showcased the historic ties between India & the Jewish people. He regularly speaks on US university campuses on the importance of Indian-Jewish American partnerships to promote India-Israel-US relations. Recently, he led an AJC-Project Interchange Mission to Israel for Indian-American Deans, Provosts & Think-Tank leaders. Every year since 2004, Nissim has arranged for American Jewish leaders to meet with the Indian Prime Minister / Foreign Minister / Foreign Secretary.

He is also an Honorary Faculty Fellow at the Office of the Dean, School of International Service, American University, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. He advises the Dean, Faculty Members & Students on outreach to India & the Indian-American Jewish community. In India, he worked as a Trade Promotion Specialist for the British and Israeli Diplomatic Missions. In Jan/Feb, 2001, he played a vital role in the success of the 300 members Israel Defense Forces Field Hospital Mission sent to Bhuj, Gujarat State, India in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

He has an MA in International Affairs from American University and an MA in Economics from India. He is fluent in English, Hebrew, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi.



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Nissim Reuben