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Navtej Sarna



October 15, 2011 | Cipriani | 55 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005

VISION: Navtej Sarna
Author & Diplomat

Navtej Sarna studied Commerce and Law at Delhi University and joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1980. He is currently India's Ambassador to Israel and has earlier served as a diplomat in Moscow, Warsaw, Thimphu, Geneva, Tehran and Washington DC, as well as most recently in New Delhi as the Foreign Office Spokesperson.

He is the author of the novels The Exile (2008; also translated into Hindi) and We Weren't Lovers Like That (2003; also translated into Hindi and Arabic). His non-fiction titles include - Folk Tales of Poland (1993), The Book of Nanak (2003) and most recently a translation of the Zafarnama (2011). 
Navtej Sarna's short stories have been broadcast over the BBC World Service and published in the London Magazine, Illustrated Weekly of India and UK anthologies Signals/Signals 2 as well as Indian anthologies, First Proof (Penguin) and New Indian Writing (Harper Collins). He contributes regularly to the Times Literary Supplement, Outlook and other journals.  His regular literary column Second Thoughts in The Hindu is now in its sixth year. 

Navtej Sarna is married to Dr. Avina Sarna. They have two children, Satyajit and Nooreen. 
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