Sikh Art & Film Foundation

September 19, 2009 at 7pm | Cipriani | 55 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005

The Dhol Xperience

TDX - The Dhol Xperience was founded by Ustat Simran Singh (a.k.a DJ Badmash) in an effort to offer the community something unique and different then just musical services. TDX started off with a goal to get as close as possible to the native roots of India and recreate that tradition here in America by offering services that are hard to find, such as Live Dhol, Live Singers, and Folk Dancers. Ustat strongly believes that it is very important to expose our culture to every generation, whether it be a young citizen who has never had the chance to smell India’s earthy air, or an elder grandmother who misses eating fresh mangos, and remind them of our heritage to keep the Indian blood running in our bodies.

DJ Badmash has been mixing Bhangra & Bollywood beats since his high school years, which started off as a passion at home for music and emerged into a profession over the years. Being very knowledgeable in music, they started to get involved in the Desi community by doing charity and social events on auspicious occasions such as Diwali, Vasiaki, Holi, & Navratri in the tri-state area. Recently DJ Badmash had the honor to share his love for desi music as he marched down Madison Ave in a float celebrating India’s 61st Independence.

The Dhol Xperience just recently made an addition to the team when Ustat got married to a Punjabi girl named Jassi. Born and raised in New York, Ustat was surprised to discover that she is just as Indian as she is American. Jassi was able to contribute her taste in music into the company and opened up Ustat’s eyes to a Fusion world of music, including artists such as Jay Sean, Rishi Rich, RDB, Juggy D, and many more who have found a way to blend in their native culture and represent it into a new western flare. TDX’s new resolution is to become a part of this new trend and show our fellow Americans what the Bollywood scene is all about, and how to move those hips to Bhangra dhol beats.  

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