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MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES - Katherine Winnick - Film & TV Actress

Just days after playing the female lead opposite Matthew Lillard in FOX's highly-anticipated 2006 hidden treasure mystery pilot 13 Graves, directed by Dominic Sena, she hit the big screen playing Melissa, Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend in the #1 box-office hit Failure To Launch.

Katheryn Winnick has also recently showcased her diverse artistic abilities in When Nietzsche Wept, starring opposite Armand Assante and Ben Cross. In this film, based on the bestselling novel of the same name, she portrays real-life 19th century Russian poet, Lou Salome. "No woman has radiated a stronger or more direct influence in German-speaking lands in the last 150 years than this Lou von Salome from Petersburg," according to esteemed German scholar and publisher Kurt Wolff.

This recent success comes as no surprise, as Winnick has landed numerous starring roles in the past couple of years, moving effortlessly from drama to genre fare in both film and television. When no less an authority than The Hollywood Reporter gushed about Winnick that she "steals nearly every scene" playing the young Ivana Trump in ABC's highly-publicized 2005 biopic Trump Unauthorized, this only confirmed her status as one of Hollywood's most up-and-coming young actresses.

Other notable roles include the Oscar-nominated short film Our Time Is Up, the teen road-trip comedy National Lampoon's Going The Distance, and her award winning performance in Daddy's Little Girl.

On the small screen, Winnick has also guest-starred on such hit shows as CSI: NY, Law & Order, Criminal Minds and Oz. After her teen debut as a recurring character on the popular Canadian TV series Student Bodies, Winnick - who hails from Toronto, Ontario - was selected from among thousands of young actors to be documented as one of the next ones to have "it" in Bravo's groundbreaking show, The "It" Factor. She currently holds a third-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, a second-degree Black Belt in Karate, and is a licensed bodyguard to boot.

A native of Toronto, Ontario, fair-haired actress Katheryn Winnick began her movie career behind the camera, as a martial arts trainer for the stars. (She earned dual blackbelts in tae-kwon-do and karate, and received her bodyguard license at an early age). Winnick soon parlayed her glamourous countenance into acting, but expressed a highly vocal interest in challenging and demanding roles, and resisted being pigeonholed as simply a pretty face. Audiences first gained exposure to Winnick on television, with her involvement in such series as PSI Factor, Student Bodies, The It Factor and Oz; around 2003, the actress segued smoothly into feature roles. These included bit parts in the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore romantic comedy 50 First Dates (2004), the Matthew McConaughey/Sarah Jessica Parker romantic comedy Failure to Launch (2006), and the slasher opus Amusement (2008).

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Katheryn Winnick