Sikh Art & Film Foundation


Since 2004, the Sikh Art & Film Foundation has dedicated itself to creating awareness and pride in the diversity, culture, and history of Sikhs. Through the annual Sikh International Film Festival, we have celebrated the rich heritage, traditions, and culture of Sikhs through a diverse mix of documentaries, short, and feature films. Above all, the Sikh Art & Film Foundation's raison d'être was founded as, and remains to celebrate Sikhi, not to divide the Sikh community.

We have built bridges with other faiths, and educated them to dispel misconceptions about Sikhs and our distinct, religious identity. Our Sikh Leadership Summit is a premier leadership development and networking event for our next generation of leaders – designed to instill pride in the Sikh heritage, as well to raise awareness of the contributions of Sikhs to American society. Our annual Heritage Gala brings together the Sikh diaspora, to honor and recognize those who have helped elevate the Sikh experience through exemplary Vision, Leadership, and the Arts.

Some concerns have surfaced, pertaining to our plans for the November 2, 2012 Gala. We are, therefore, postponing the Annual Heritage Gala. We will solicit the community's concerns to address them productively.

We invite you to attend the Sikh International Film Festival on November 3, 2012 at the Asia Society Museum – located at 725 Park Avenue at 70th Street, New York, NY. Please visit for further details.