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The 2007 Film Festival was held on September 23 at the Asia Society & Museum. The following films were screened in the 2007 festival.

Continuous Journey Director: Ali Kazimi (Canada, 87 min.)
In 1914, the Komagata Maru, a ship carrying 376 immigrants from British India, was turned away by Canada. The consequences were felt throughout the British Empire. Continuous Journey is a compelling and eye-opening investigation into the past and present ramifications of this incident.

Desi DNA Director: Gurdip Bhangoo (UK, 60 min.)
The film charts the rise and success of Asian arts and culture across the UK and beyond. It showcases the next generation of Asian talent and offers insights into the world of art, music, fashion and culture.

Eco-Punjab Director: Navdeep Singh Kandola (UK, 12 min.)
This film details the devastating environmental crisis affecting Punjab, the “bread basket of India.” According to the World Watch report, the mythic “Land of Five Rivers” will be a desert in 20 years.

Fighting For My Crown Director: Sundeep Singh (UK, 12 min.)
When a Sikh ties a dastaar everyday it is a crowning moment. It is a reminder of his/her sovereignty and a duty to serve the Creator. When a Sikh fights for his/her crown, it’s a battle for all humanity. The Right To Turban campaign is a right for the freedom for thought, conscience and religion.

Gatka Director: Sartaj Singh Dhami (USA, 10 min.)
This film demonstrates the Sikh martial arts form called Gatka.

Golden Kitchen Directors: Valerie Berteau & Philippe Witjes (Belgium, 5 min.)
Every day, the free kitchen Sri Guru Ram Dass Sahib Ji serves 30,000 meals in the Golden Temple of Amritsar, India.

In Search Of The Tartan Turban Producer: Hardeep Singh Kohli (UK, 24 min.)
Hardeep Singh Kohli is a Sikh Scottish Londoner writing his first sitcom and is trying to find out what’s funny about today's multicultural UK.

Life Is Rhythm Director: Pardeep Singh (USA, 7 min.)
This film is a self-portrait. The film maker finds that the rhythm never ceases to play in his mind – be it morning, noon or night.

London Ji Aya Director: Sarbjit Singh Bakhshi (UK, 1 min.)
The Punjabi viewer is invited to London by an enthusiastic Englishman who ultimately sincerely wishes you to come and visit him.

A Monument of Injustice Director: Amarjeet Singh (India, 35 min.)
The saga of Maharaja Duleep Singh is not just a story of an individual; it is a story of two nations.

Monty For England Director: Kate Forshaw (UK, 30 min.)
Monty Panesar, a young and gifted bowler who makes history by becoming the first Sikh to be selected by the English Cricket Squad. The film charts Monty’s journey from his selection to the team, to his test debut in Punjab, and his rise to fame in both England and India.

My Yorkshire Director: Jane Hickson (UK, 12 min.)
ITV takes a look at Roop Singh, a Sikh storyteller, from Leeds who captivates young children with his stories of the Sikh religion.

‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and the Via Dolorosa Project Director: The Singh Twins (UK, 23 min.)
The film explores the making of and inspiration behind ‘1984’, their painting of the storming of the Golden Temple at Amritsar by Indian troops. The film reaches its climax with two poems, which relate sentiments surrounding 1984 to the Catholic Christian tradition of the Via Dolorosa.

Priceless Director: Satbir Singh Khalsa (USA, 125 min.)
This video is a take on the “Mastercard” commercial, shown through the eyes of a young Sikh in America.

Paris To Tapovan Director: Reema Anand (India, 22 min.)
Bhagwant Singh Dalawari was an Indian Ambassador to France. He gave up his career as a diplomat and moved to a remote place called Tapovan in central India to serve poor leprosy patients.

Sikhs Help Protect America Produced by FBI (USA, 1 min.)
One of America’s unsung heroes who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), happens to be a follower of the Sikh faith.

Sikh Rattle & Roll Director: Ekta Walia (UK, 10 min.)
At 14, Jasbir is approaching an important point in his adult and spiritual life as a Sikh. However his friends are all winding him up about it and he is worried about the pressures of the whole day. Even more so, how will he be able to merge his one real passion for Elvis with his life as an adult Sikh?

Where Not To Do Bhangra Directors: Davinder Mahal, Arminder Randhawa, Shane Gill (USA, 5 min.)
Ever wondered where you can perform bhangra? Well, now your question has been answered. Watch and learn where you can and cannot.

Widow Colony Director: Harpreet Kaur (India/USA, 73 min.)
An award winning film that takes an in-depth look into the lives of the widows of the Sikh men killed in the anti-Sikh massacre of November 1984. It explores the suffering of these women, their battle for justice and their struggle for survival in India.


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