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We Are Sikhs is an educational documentary which gives a brief introduction of the Sikh religion and shows how Sikhs have integrated into the American society. It is a visual collage of Sikh Children, Students and Professionals who share their beliefs and experiences on camera. The documentary gives the viewer a wonderful opportunity and a glimpse of the lives of Sikhs. It is an attempt to demystify their distinct appearance and present their history, philosophy and lifestyles concisely.

We Are Sikhs has enjoyed the success of being the official selection of the: 2005 Rosebud Film & Video Film Festival, 2005 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, 2005 Forest Film & Video Film Festival, 2006 Interfaith Film Festival.

Being the first Sikh educational documentary to make it to numerous film festivals, We Are Sikhs, has had a tremendous response in the mainstream media and audience. This documentary has great potential to educate its viewers about Sikhs and their beliefs.


We Are Sikhs

Director: Harpreet Kaur
Producer: Harpreet Kaur

Running Time: 20 minutes