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This is the first-ever cartoon made in the Sikh religion to teach the basics of the Sikh religion. It is the story of a 7-year old Sikh American boy and his family. The cartoon focuses on the unique identity and appearance of Sikhs.

After the unfortunate happenings of 9/11, Sikhs have wrongly become victims of hate crimes because of their appearance. Small kids, especially boys, have been subjected to teasing and bullying in schools because of their different appearance since they keep long hair and wear a head cover.

The racial-discrimination and teasing is mostly due to ignorance and unawareness about the Sikh religion. This Animated movie very clearly explains why the Sikhs keep the various articles of faith and have uncut long hair. It serves as an important tool to make the Sikh kids stronger in life and at the same time helps in educating non-Sikhs about the basics of Sikhism.

This movie has been made of length and content keeping kids in mind. This young Sikh boy, Sunny, is shown to be a smart and inquisitive boy who is very observant and is always asking questions. After his turban tying ceremony, he goes to school with his new turban on and is teased. He refuses to go to school the next day. The parents are worried, but then the Grandma tells him about the history of Sikhs and makes him feel strong.

The movie aside from being educational instills a sense of pride and strength in the Sikh youth.

Sunny the Proud Sikh

Directed by Gurdeep Singh

Running Time: 40 minutes