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This documentary is focus on Sikhs, a distinct group of people, and the Turban, which forms an integral part of their identity.

This documentary explores who the Sikhs are as an ethnic group, their origins, their reason for wearing the turban. The relationship that the Sikhs have with the turban is explored through interviews with Sikhs of all ages. This film also includes viewpoints of Sikhs who do not trace their origin to India. These “non-Indian Sikhs” have accepted the religion and culture as their own and wear their Turban with pride.

In the Eastern philosophy, the turban is a symbol of dignity and royalty. For the Sikhs, it is a symbol of loyalty to their religion, as the founding fathers of the religion, “The Gurus,” have instructed the followers of this religion to wear the turban.

Biography of the Director: Jaspreet Kaur, emerging filmmaker, born and raised in India, lived in Canada since 1998. She has always had a passion for making films, and went to Vancouver Film School to learn technical aspect of film making. Her student film got the first prize in student film screening organized by "Freshly Brewed Production Company" in Vancouver.

She has written a script for short drama called "The Motherhood." Currently, Jaspreet is working on a pilot project for kids programing, and looking for a broadcaster.



Sikhs and Turban

Producer: Jaspreet Kaur

Running Time: 25 minutes