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This is the first of a two-part landmark documentary commissioned by the BBC to mark the 300 th anniversary of the Khalsa. It paints a vivid and compelling portrait Of the Sikh community worldwide. The series was filmed in India, the UK Canada and USA and was over a year in the making.

The first film looks at the emergence of Sikhs in the 15 th century, with its teachings of justice, social harmony, peace and equality of all people, Regardless of religion, creed, race or gender. It traces how Sikhism further developed in the face of persecution, culminating in the founding of the Khalsa.

This part also looks at two of the Sikh community’s most traumatic experiences of the 20th century - the partition of the Punjab in 1947, and the storming of The Golden Temple of Amritsar at Mrs. Gandhi’s Behest in 1984 and the subsequent mass killing of innocent Sikh throughout India.

The second film sees how Sikhism is revitalizing itself at the turn of the millennium, from young Sikhs rediscovering their faith, to the growth of western converts to Sikhism.


The Sikhs

Directed by John Das

Running Time: 60 minutes