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Runaway Grooms is an unprecedented investigation into a disturbing trend that has shattered the lives of at least 10,000 women in India. Namita and Sonia married men who used their permanent residents status and citizenship in Canada to secure large dowries. But soon after the marriage ceremonies in India, their husbands threatened to leave them behind unless more money was forthcoming. The families were unable to meet their demands, and the men returned to Canada, leaving their wives behind. Now Sonia and Namita's families are fighting back...

Biography of the Director: Born and raised in India, Ali Kazimi has lived in Canada since 1983, where he has become of the most one of the most respected documentry filmmakers in the country. His films have been described as passionate, engaging, rigourous and moving. films. They include Runaway Grooms (2005), Continuous Journey (2004), Some Kind of Arrangement (1998), Shooting Indians (1997), Narmada: A valley Rises (1994). His films have won awards and honours all over the world and have been broadcast widely.

Runaway Grooms

Producer/Director: Ali Kazimi
Writer: Susan Martin
Editor: Ricardo Acosta
Camera: Zoe Dirse
Music: Mark Korven

Running Time: 52 minutes