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In the entire Sikh history, the account of Banda Singh Bahadur has remained an enigmatic phenomenon for the historians. Most scholars have not been able to perceive how an illustrious Bairagi (ascetic) engaged in exercise of occult powers became a True Khalsa after a short but fateful meeting with Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  

Banda Singh ji was a true Khalsa and remained a steadfast gursikh till his last breath. His unflinching faith and love for Sikhi was above everything. He would not trade his Sikhi; not even for a precious life.

Time and again vested interests have attempted to project Banda Singh Ji as a bairagi who never became a Khalsa. Contemporary writers have projected Babaji as a ruthless killer and plunderer. This movie is an attempt to undo the wrong doings of fanatic historians and malicious people whose biased accounts portray Baba Banda Singh ji’s deeds and character in a manner which is undoing of Khalsa spirit.

The movie takes you along Babaji’s journey from his first meeting with Dasmesh Pita at Nanded to conquering of Sirhind. Guruji ordained Babaji to reach Punjab to reorganize the Khalsa forces and put an end to tyranny and injustice.

House of Guru Nanak Dev ji envisions a political sovereignty and empowerment of the downtrodden. With Guruji’s blessings Baba Banda Singh ji was able to realize this vision within five years of martyrdom of beloved Sahibzadas.

The promoters of Vismaad Mediatech, producer of this movie, are working IT professionals. We earn our livelihood from other commercial projects.

The Rise Of Khalsa

Directed by Kavi Raz

Running Time: 45 minutes