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This short film by contemporary British artists and twin sisters Amrit and Rabindra Singh explores the making and inspiration behind their celebrated painting (titled Nineteen Eighty Four) of the storming of the Golden Temple at Amritsar by Indian Troops in 1984, to present a personal perspective on one of the most tragic and misrepresented events in modern Sikh history. Narrated by the Singh Twins, the film reveals how what began in their Convent school days as a spontaneous protest against the attack, became a powerful vehicle for highlighting the universality of political corruption and related issues of human rights abuses.

Description of Filmmaker/Director: The Singh Twins are internationally exhibited Contemporary British artists whose award winning paintings have received wide public and media acclaim. Combining the Indian miniature style with aspects of western and other traditional global aesthetics, they pioneered the revival of the Indian miniature within Modern Art practice to develop a unique genre in British art which they term "Past Modern." Exploring serious issues of social, political and cultural debate within a richly symbolic, narrative, decorative and witty style, they confront the predominantly Eurocentric dictates of Contemporary Art and society - challenging the perceived divide between East and West, Tradition and Modernity. Their art features in numerous publications such as the Oxford History of Art and is being studied by Educational Institutions worldwide. Media appearances include interviews for BBC’s Womens’ Hour, Mid Week, Belief, Front Row and the Granada TV documentary Singh Out Sisters. An Arts Council documentary about their work, (Alone Together) received "The Best Film on Art" prize at the 2001 Asolo International Film Festival and in 2002 they were appointed official Artists in Residence to the 2002 Commonwealth Games. With works in private and public collections worldwide including the prestigious Smithsonian, Washington, they continue to be invited to speak at Institutions like the Tate and Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. In 2003 their India tour was launched at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi – making them the only British artists besides Henry Moore to have been offered a retrospective at India’s premiere venue for International Contemporary Art.

'Nineteen Eighty Four' and The Via Delorosa Project

Filmmakers: The Singh Twins (Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Singh)

Running Time: 30 minutes