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Surinder, a mother of two whose life work has always been to support others may speak in English but still thinks in Punjabi. Her daughter, Ruby a girl from a different generation and way of thinking than her mom, does not realize the power and meanings of words. That is until Ruby calls her mom a “bitch.” Surinder secretly keeps this information to herself but forces Ruby into cooking lessons, with none other than herself as the instructor. These lessons become more than “life survival” skills and help define their mother-daughter relationship.

Biography of the Director: Jaspreet Sandhu is an up and coming force in film production. She is currently focusing on her BFA at York University for Film Production and Screenwriting while volunteering on a variety of shoots as production crew. Jaspreet’s spirit, talent, and wit are an integral part of any team endeavour.

Filmography: Jaspreet has worked on a documentary film “Camille,” and experimental “Isn’t She Fetching.” She is currently working on a documentary this year.

Minute Meals

Director: Jaspreet Sandhu

Running Time: 15 minutes