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The story revolves around Sikh-Diaspora. It is a depiction of the internal landscape of their psyche, state of mind and attitudes. 

Kambdi Kalaai, the film is focused on the state of oscillation of human mind, which makes  it difficult to grasp the truth. The title song, Supne vich Tusin Mile Assanu, is the superb creation of the master metaphysical Punjabi Poet Dr. Bhai Vir Singh. The song is wonderful depiction of his spiritual experience. Metaphorically, the same has been used for the ethical righteousness which we find difficult to attain due to lack of steadfastness.

Set up in the back ground of New York, the film explores how faith and human relationship mingle  together to create an everlasting impact on the human psyche.

The Team of Kambdi Kalaai: Noor Nissan Films is a New Jersey and California based Production Company. The producer of the film, Gagan Amitoj Kaur is a telecom professional working in New Jersey. Taranjit Singh is a young and energetic engineer working in California. The director of the film Ish amitoj Kaur is a professional filmmaker.

The trio combined together their acumen to make a first ever film on the Sikh Diaspora. The Director of NN Films, Ish Amitoj Kaur, moved to California earlier this year. With a Masters in the Performing Arts and an extensive experience in the Indian Media – Television and Mumbai Film industry, this Fellow of National School of Drama had her eyes set on mainstream Hollywood. But she thinks differently now – "Hollywood can wait," she says.

Venturing into her Sikh community in Fremont, Ish says she realized two things – first, Sikh children, like all others are affected profoundly by the media and there is a dire need for us as a community to have their lives portrayed as lives of normal people, just the way it really is. Secondly, the elders in the community feel concerned. “We want a platform to voice our feelings,” they say. They want their real life stories portrayed authentically. And The Noor Nissan Films has pioneered a step in this direction.

After working on major projects like Pinjar and Asa Nu Maan Watna Da, Ish found a lot of Punjabi culture portrayed in them. "That’s good," she said, "Language is an important element. But what about Sikhism – The Sikh Culture, the ethos?" The answer to the question comes in form of her debut film Kambdi Kalaai.

Kambdi Kalaai

Directed by Ish Amitoj Kaur

Running Time: 50 minutes