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Somewhere in the rugged terrains of a foreign land, a man schemed, plotted and carried out a hideous and cowardly act that changed the world forever. Somewhere in the heart of America, a simple man living a righteous, pious life, raising his family with the fear of God in his heart, pays the consequences.

The Gold Bracelet is a groundbreaking film with the backdrop of an event that changed America forever. Brave, proud, soul stirring, wrenching at its every heartbeat, yet showered with colors of a full, happy life, The Gold Bracelet is a moving journry of man who strives to live a simple yet meaningful life.

Even in a tragedy of the greatest magnitude, there is hope.

Events define history. Events change lives...forever. Events in the vortex of catastrophe, shape will and courage, towards a newfound resolution and hope. Arjun Singh (Kavi Raz), a God fearing man who has left his native land of Punjab, India to fulfill his dream of coming to America and give his family a better life. Leaving behind a professor's occupation, he runs a mechanic shop in his adoptive homeland. Reservedly steadfast to his culture and beliefs, he embraces America with a new found sense of pride and joy. He revels in his own ideology of what America truly means and represent to him and millions like him.

The Gold Bracelet

Director and Producer: Kavi Raz

Running Time: 137 minutes