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Amal relaxes in his autorickshaw as a mysterious old man, G.K. Jayaram, approaches. A simple humble man, Amal is content with the small but vital role he plays serving his customers in his modest autorickshaw. Driving students to school, worshippers to the temple, and people to work, Amal is impervious to any hardships, and never deviates from his sense of faith as he winds his way around the chaotic capital of New Delhi. But when he's presented with an unexpected twist in fate, Amal's sense of purpose is challenged against everyone's wildest dreams.

Set in the bustling streets of New Delhi, Amal is a story about dreams being lived by the unlikeliest of people.

Biography of the Director: A versatile writer/director with many years of experience in a wide variety of video and film projects, Richie Mehta's most recent work has been screened at such film festivals as Reelworld, Montreal, Telluride, Atlantic, New York Independent, Filmi South Asian and Dallas South Asian. Trained as a painter, sculptor, and videographer, he comes from an extensive creative background, and has focused his career on the emerging South Asian culture in Canada. Richie has been exposed to a variety of creative influences, from Modern Western art and architecture, Eastern philosophy and literature, Hollywood, Bollywood, and everything in between.

Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor: Richie Mehta
Co-Producers: Steven N. Bray, Rupinder Nagra, Neeta Tandon

Running Time: 18 minutes