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Virtues Misinterpreted
Director: Minu Singh

Our Gurus started the tradition of Langar to enlighten us about the virtues of Vand Chakna. The society in those days was plagued with discrimination against the poor and the low caste. Langar was intended to eliminate such injustice and promote equality for all mankind. “Langar” signifies simple nutritious food prepared with the spirit of Seva to bind the community and feed the hungry.

This short documentary looks at the transformation of the meaning of Langar: how this virtue has gone from piety to extravagance. Today, Langar has become a culinary competition among women, a means for social gathering; it is a burden for one family and a whole week’s supply of free food for others.

This film also looks at the harm we are doing to our waistlines by stuffing ourselves with food full of butter, ghee and refined sugars. It also takes a poignant glimpse at the damage we are doing to the environment. There are nearly 700 Gurdwaras in the United States alone. Most of them use styrofoam plates week after week causing harm to the land, sea and animals. The movie looks for solutions from the men, women and children of the Sikh Diaspora. It asks for ways to revive Guru Nanak’s principles. And it ponders the questions: Can we rejuvenate the spirit of Seva and bring the Thali back? What is our community thinking or are we oblivious to the facts?


2009; Running Time: 15 minutes