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Riding the Tiger
Director: Michael Singh

Riding the Tiger recounts filmmaker Michael Singh’s personal and intimate journey into self-identity as a half-Sikh young man who survived the atrocities of 1984, denying his Sikh heritage and passing for a white man. His story is set against the backdrop of the bloodiest year in modern Sikh history.

In 1984, the Indian Government sponsored massacres of Sikh men women and children in both June and November of 1984. After Prime Minister Indira Gandhi authorized a siege on the Sikhs’ holiest site -The Golden Temple - Michael and his brother Surinder managed to infiltrate it and view the destruction following the gunning down of hundreds of pilgrims.  

Five months later, Mrs. Gandhi’s bloody siege resulted in her own death, when her two Sikh bodyguards assassinated her.  In return, Government-guided mobs all over New Delhi raped, scalped, and butchered thousands more Sikh men, women and children. For three terrifying days, some thirty Sikh women and children hid in the bedroom of Michael and Surinder’s host, the Bishop of Delhi, Maqbool Caleb. The Indian Government has yet to account for what it did to the Sikhs. Riding the Tiger offers a glimpse into Michael's experience.