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Location/Situatedness Through Memory
Director: Kamalpreet Kaur

Location/Situatedness Through Memory is an experimental film that attempts to capture the Sikh encounter with colonial power from an angle which is disjointed and fragmentary, employing the use of irony to explore the tragic. And it asks: "Once the “subject” realizes something has been lost how does the mourning process begin and furthermore can individual loss parallel that of the collective psyche?"

Director's Bio:
Influenced by the works of the French New Wave, Kamalpreet Kaur takes into account their cinematic style and philosophical underpinnings. From Jean-Luc Godard to Alain Resnais, films like Hiroshima Mon Amour(1959) and À bout de souffle (1960) have left a lasting aesthetic impression on her evolving cinematic vision. 

Focused on the textuality of narration Kamalpreet is inspired by the literary works of Marguerite Duras particularly her screenplay for Hiroshima Mon Amour and novella The Lover. Additionally, the work of Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski has contributed to the kaleidoscope of existential concerns Kaur hopes to pursue in the future within the medium of the feature length film. 

Kamalpreet Kaur, along with her husband, live in Toronto, Canada. Together, they run a photo/film company, Digitology.


2009; Canada; Running Time: 11 minutes

Location/Situatedness Through Memory

Location/Situatedness Through Memory

Location/Situatedness Through Memory