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The Sikh Next Door
Director: Tami Yeager; Producers: Preetmohan Singh, Tami Yeager, Mandeep Singh Dhillon

The Sikh Next Door introduces students to four Sikh American youth who take them on a tour of their bi-cultural lives. This short film and the accompanying lesson plans encourage students to think about diversity, immigration, history and personal identity.

Director’s Bio
Tami Yeager has worked in documentary film production and outreach for over a decade, producing award-winning content for national television networks, public broadcasting and non-profits. Her most recent independent documentary project, A Dream in Doubt, chronicles the aftermath of the first post-9/11 hate murder and celebrates the courage to transform hate into hope. The film aired nationally on PBS's Independent Lens in May 2008 and was selected to screen in over 35 cities with ITVS Community Cinema outreach program. In addition to Community Cinema, A Dream in Doubt has screened at several film festivals, universities and community centers around the country. Yeager has also managed outreach campaigns and produced companion educational curriculum and websites. She is currently working as a consultant on the Reframe project, a program of the Tribeca Film Institute that digitizes and makes available vital media arts from independent filmmakers, archives and other sources of independent media through a unique, online community platform.







2004; USA; Running Time: 29 minutes

The Sikh Next Door

Director: Tami Yeager
Director: Tami Yeager (L),
Co-Producer: Preetmohan Singh (R)


Director: Tami Yeager
Producers: Preetmohan Singh, Tami Yeager, Mandeep Singh Dhillon
Writers: Preetmohan Singh, Tami Yeager, Mandeep Singh Dhillon