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Saving Mom and Dad
Director: Kartik Singh; Producers: Romain Bisseret, Julien Monestiez, Kartik Singh

At eight year old Ravi Malhotra's school, they teach that the only way to Heaven is through Christ.  Ravi is extremely upset because he knows that his Sikh parents will never become Christians.  To what lengths will he go to save Mom and Dad?

Director’s Bio
Kartik Singh has been living in Paris for the past twelve years.  It was there that he received an MFA from the Sorbonne for his first film, Les Enfants du Père Lachaise. His next film, Bonne Nouvelle, Mauvaise Nouvelle was made from archive footage, and took First Prize in ARTE’s Rush Competition. L’épave ("The Wreck") won the Grand Prize at the Paris Festival Courts Métrages et Grands Talents.

Eight narrative shorts and 30-plus industrial films later, Kartik is an active screenwriter, and looking forward to making his first feature film. 

His most recent accomplishment, Saving Mom and Dad, is based on his childhood growing up in Middle America with Sikh parents; the feature-length version of which is slated for 2008.




2008; USA; Running Time: 23 minutes

Saving Mom and Dad

Saving Mom and Dad

Saving Mom and Dad

Director: Kartik Singh
Director: Kartik Singh


  • Prix d'aide à la Création au 31e Festival en Plein Air de Grenoble, France
  • Special Mention at Another Look Euromedcafe, Fondazione Mediterraneo, Naples, Italy
  • Golden Horse at the 16th Mediterranean Festival of New Films, Larissa, Greece
  • Best Narrative Film at the 12th Annual Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee, MO, USA
  • Special Mention at Euroshorts in Warsaw, Poland
  • Audience Award at River to River - Florence Indian Film Festival, Italy
  • Jury Prize, Sup' de Courts, Paris, France
  • Screenplay Finalist Omaha Film Festival, NE, USA

Cast & Crew

Actor: Character
Aditya Bhagirath: Ravi
Joachim Staaf: Mr. Maxwell
Nirupama Nityanandan: Mom
Kartik Singh: Dad


Producers: Romain Bisseret, Julien Monestiez, Kartik Singh
Director of Photography: Christophe Larue
Production Designers: Nelly Nahon, Jérôme Fève
Editor: Louise de Prémonville
Sound Engineer & Designer: Alexis Jung
Music: Denis Volte, Olivier Tshimanga