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Sabat Surat
Director and Producer: Jaspreet Kaur; Writers: Balwinder Singh and Jaspreet Kaur

Michael is a nine year old boy wants to keep hair and become Sabat Surat. Michael heard about Vaisakhi and Sikhi. Inspired by his grandfather, he wants to grow his hair and wear a turban but his family opposes the idea because of the difficulties that would come with it. Will he be able to convince his family to allow him to become Sabat Surat?

Director’s Bio
Jaspreet Kaur is a freelance producer engaged in producing documentaries and TV dramas to depict social and historical aspects of various Canadian communities.

Jaspreet started her career after graduating from Vancouver Film School. One of her student documentaries won the Best Student Documentary Award at student film screening competition held by Freshly Brewed Productions in 2004.

She went on to produce a 30 minutes documentary Sikhs and Turban. This was broadcasted on OMNI TV and screened at Spiritual Film Festival in Pune, India, Spinning Wheel Film Festival in Toronto, and Annual Sikh Film Festival in New York.

Jaspreet then went on to produce a family-oriented drama series Jaildarian to depict the social lives of immigrant families and drug-related crime stories in British Columbia. The drama series ran for four seasons on the Shaw Multicultural Channel in 2006-2007.

After successful production of Jaildarian, Jaspreet went on to produce and direct another comedy-drama series, Teri Meri Duniya. This series focused on the family, life and relationships of a joint family.

Jaspreet produced a number of documentaries to cover events including a blood donation camp, a domestic violence meet, and celebrating 100 years of Khasla Diwan Society for India TV Online.






2008; Canada; Running Time: 29 minutes

Sabat Surat

Sabat Surat

Sabat Surat

Sabat Surat

Sabat Surat


Director and Producer: Jaspreet Kaur
Writers: Balwinder Singh and Jaspreet Kaur