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Reaching for Home
Director: Jasmeet Singh Bansal; Producer: Ambrosial Motion Pictures

Reaching for Home is an experimental short that explores a fictional tragedy from the 1984 Sikh Genocide. The film follows the unconscious thought of a dead Sikh man as he recalls the moment’s before his demise. Fusing stock footage with shot footage, the film is tied together with the brilliant music of Australian composer Balvinder Singh.

Director’s Bio
Jasmeet Singh Bansal was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa until age 11 when he immigrated to the United States with his family. Bansal’s inspiration comes from both Hollywood and Bollywood (Indian) film industries. Bansal made his out of class debut in filmmaking by directing two award winning short films that placed 1st at the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival back to back two years in a row (2006–2007).

His credentials also include an award winning Public Service Announcement that aired on MTV, Vh1, Comedy Central and various other nationally broadcasted channels. Bansal has worked on various short films and documentaries in his college career some of which have been featured at the Penn State Student Film Festival and The Reel Student Film Festival.

Bansal graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Film/Video in May 2008.



2008; USA; Running Time: 6 minutes

Reaching for Home

Reaching for Home
Director: Jasmeet Singh Bansal


Director: Jasmeet Singh Bansal
Producer: Ambrosial Motion Pictures