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One Light
Director: Angad Singh

Angad is a teenager – a normal one, except that he follows the Sikh Faith and wears his uncut hair on the top of his head wrapped in a turban. As one can imagine, living in the Southern USA is not so easy for him; the kids are unforgiving to the ones that don't fit in; but resolute and confident; believing in oneness of humanity he goes on doing his things; great things. Resolute to make a change, Angad, at the age of 13 directed and produced his first short – One Light, which celebrates oneness of humanity and aims to transform, connect and inspire everyone to make a small step in the direction of a better – conflict free world. In this short, Angad reaches out to his neighbors to educate them about himself as a Sikh and learn about them while making this world a friendlier place one step at a time. One Light is inspired by Guru Nanak who traveled thousands of miles and reached out to millions in the conflicted world to impart the message of "One God, One Humanity." The idea came to Angad after attending a program in International Relations during his summer vacation. Angad learned that conflict in the world is caused by fear of the unknown and people dwelling on their differences. One Light is Angad's baby step to resolve the conflicts in today's world through education, dialogue and connecting with people.

Director’s Bio
Angad Singh is an 8th grade student at Northwestern Middle in Alpharetta, GA. In summer 2007, as an outstanding academic performer he had a rare opportunity to participate in the International Relations program at Duke University. He has also been nominated by his school to represent Georgia at the National Young Leaders State Conference (NYLSC), whose board of advisors includes several U.S Senators and House Representatives.





2007; USA; Running Time: 24 minutes

One Light


  • National Film Festival of Talented Youth (NFFTY) – Audience Choice Award Favorite – Very Young Filmmaker
  • SikhNet Online Film Festival – Winner, Junior Division


Director: Angad Singh