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Kabaddi Cops
Director: Gregory Cote; Producers: Gregory Cote and Grey Dog Productions

Kabaddi Cops is the remarkable story about a determined group of Canadian police officers from the Toronto area, who take up a 4000 year old sport from India called Kabaddi, in order to bond with the South-Asian immigrant community.

After witnessing a protest over racial profiling in front of Peel Regional Police headquarters in 2002, Inspector Barry Dolan believed sport could ease tensions and promote harmony between police and South-Asians. His method was unorthodox and surprising to everyone who watched.

The Inspector formed a Kabaddi team made entirely of Police officers from his own department, selecting a small group of dedicated young men who knew nothing about the sport and very little about the culture. The team practiced hard on their days off and began competing in tournaments and festivals to the delight of thousands of enthusiastic spectators. In doing so, the Peel Police Kabaddi team became the only non-Asian team anywhere in the world. Their focus was on becoming closer to the community and bridging the gap that often exists between police and immigrants.

Kabaddi Cops
is a short documentary in the classic style with the participants telling their story. It begins with a breakdown in relationships between police and a large segment of the community they are sworn to serve. What follows is a unique and progressive display of people rising to the challenge of maintaining harmony in a multicultural urban environment.

Director’s Bio
Kabaddi Cops is the second short documentary by independent producer and director Greg Cote. His first film, Where There’s Smoke captured two awards in March of 2005 at the Dawson City International Film Festival. His latest project - the award winning Kabaddi Cops, has quickly become an audience favorite at film festivals in Mumbai, London, and New York where it was lauded by author Salman Rushdie as a “must see.” Greg is currently working on his third documentary The Remarkable Women of Kabaddi.

The former police officer and private investigator has spent over five years creating short documentaries on subjects he is passionate about. He currently resides with his wife Nancy in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.




2005; Canada; Running Time: 24 minutes

Karbaddi Cops

Karbaddi Cops

Karbaddi Cops

Karbaddi Cops

Karbaddi Cops


  • Best Documentary Short, Sixth Annual IAAC Film Festival New York 2006
  • Best of Film Stock, London, England 2006
  • Audience Favorite, Spinning Wheel Film Festival Toronto, 2007


Director: Gregory Cote
Producer: Gregory Cote and Grey Dog Productions